The MassAccess Spring Conference will take place on Friday, April 29 at High Output Studios in Canton. As part of our “Production Track” of workshops, Sue Buske, President of the Buske Group in Sacramento, California will present an informative workshop.

For the past 40 years, Sue Buske has represented local governments, Community Media Centers (PEG access), educational institutions, and community organizations in their interactions with cable companies. Ms. Buske is widely recognized as one of the leading experts in the Unites States on cable policy and local cable programming issues. She is a highly experienced negotiator who has had success in translating community needs and interests into contract language that delivers new and improved cable communication services in both small and large communities across the United States.

Ms. Buske has helped to established hundreds of PEG Access/Community Media Centers during her career and provides ongoing organizational management and strategic planning advice. She has received numerous national awards, including the George Stoney Award for Humanistic Communications. An award bearing her name, the Buske Leadership Award, is presented annually by the Alliance for Community Media to persons providing outstanding leadership in the field of local cable programming. Ms. Buske’s alma mater, the University of Wisconsin at Plateville, selected her to receive a Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2000.

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