Hello everyone! I’m Jonathan Grabowski, the Executive Director at Marshfield Community Media.

I joined the MassAccess Board of Directors in 2018. I have been a member of MassAccess since I started in Community Media back in 2007. When I was presented with the opportunity to join the board, I decided to take it on because I wanted to give back to such a great organization and share my skill sets.

Prior to joining the MassAccess Board I had served two terms as President of the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce and up till 2020 served on the Legislative Affairs Committee for the South Shore Chamber Commerce so I felt I could bring my political advocacy background to the board.

I serve on the Governance Committee, the Events Committee where I chair the Fall Meet and Greet series and being the political wonk that I am, the Legislative Committee. I also recently took on the role of Clerk for the Board.
There are a lot of things I enjoy about being on the board. The first being the people; it’s been a real honor to work with the great people who are on the board and those who have stepped off since I started. We all have different experiences and opinions on matters but it’s always been respectful, collegial and always done with the best interest of Community Media and our members in mind.
Secondly I love the resources I’m able to tap into whether it be fellow board members or partners.

Finally, I enjoy working with the team to make our members and community media the best it can be. Whether it be someone taking something great away from a workshop or vendor at Spring Conference or Fall Meet and Greet, sharing a key piece of media on the MMX, raising their production game due to Creator or learning about legislation on a First Friday Call. As long as people continue to do that, we’re doing our job as a board.

My favorite MassAccess event is the Fall Meet and Greets and I promise it’s not because I chair them! I love going to other people’s facilities, networking and sharing things with my peers in a relaxed setting and meeting with our great vendors!

Outside of MassAccess and Marshfield Community Media I reside in Marshfield with my wife Vanessa and our Golden Retriever Moxie. I enjoy going to the beach (I live in Marshfield go figure),  cycling (which is a good counterbalance to my enjoyment of food and craft beer), golfing and sim racing. I also got into working with my hands over the past few years; during the pandemic I built a series of Farmer’s tables and benches.

If you want to get in touch with me you can email me at jgrabowski@marshfieldcommunitymedia.com

Interested in working with us? We’re looking for folks with experience in production, outreach, event planning, member development, and more to join our team of leaders. Please email us at governance@massaccess.org to learn more and to apply!

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