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Volunteer for MassAccess

Volunteering for MassAccess is a labor of love. We are a group of community media professionals who want to ensure a healthy future for this industry. And we need your help.

We know that like us, you have a variety of groups and causes near and dear to your heart. They’re all requesting your time and pulling you in a million different directions.

Like us, you’re juggling projects, deadlines, and engagements. You’re working with limited hours in the day, and finite amounts of energy in your tank.

We understand, and we're asking anyway, because we know you'll get as much out of it as we do.

How You Can Help

You don’t have to donate money or sit on the Board of Directors to provide value and support to MassAccess. And we don’t have requirements on how much time you need to dedicate to the organization.

We are part of a grassroots movement to strengthening community media in the Commonwealth. As such, we rely on the collective action of the people working in the industry. We rely on you. We value any amount of time you can spare, and we’re thankful for the energy you bring, in any dose you can offer.

We have opportunities for anyone interested in helping our cause. Projects and efforts, both big and small. Engage in our endeavors in any way you can. It’s valuable for us and integral for your business.

Please consider joining MassAccess as a volunteer today.

You Can Help Us Reach Our Goals

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