Curators of Free Speech in Massachusetts

Our Story

MassAccess began as a small group of dedicated community media professionals. The original leadership wanted to strengthen the emerging industry of public access television by helping small stations organize. In the early 90s, in order to move toward this goal, some forward-thinking professionals formed the Massachusetts chapter of the Alliance for Community Media.

We do things differently in Massachusetts

Our organization grew with the industry, as did our mission. Our original goal was sharing resources and providing a voice for smaller or fledgling organizations. Our mission today is to curate free speech across the Commonwealth and to secure the future viability of community media access. This cause remains our focal point, and lives at the center of our role as community media advocates.

Our Difference is Our Strength

Many things have changed since the first days of MassAccess, but our core values remain the same. We respect and honor the diversity and individuality of community media organizations in Massachusetts, and believe we are stronger because of our differences. Community media is unique in Massachusetts because we have the ability to unite around common goals. MassAccess is the vehicle that fosters this solidarity.

We're Always Thinking Ahead

In 2024, MassAccess launched a new chapter. We’ve reduced rates for all memberships and restructured our annual event schedule. Our focus is the health of ALL Massachusetts community media outlets.

Our Leadership is on a Mission

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