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Mass Media eXchange

The Mass Media eXchange (MMX) connects citizens of the Commonwealth through community media. Click on the links to see the newest uploads and link directly to the videos. Or find a larger listing HERE.

In 2009, more than 100 community media centers existed across the Commonwealth. But at that time, no audio/video standards were in place. There was no way to upload, download or share programs across the wide variety of equipment in use. We had no infrastructure to keep the industry relevant in the age of online content sharing.

The problem sparked a movement. Members, volunteers, vendors and the MassAccess Board worked together to develop standards and streamline the way stations share programming across the Commonwealth.

The Mission of MMX

The mission of MMX is two-fold:

  • To provide a single digital broadcast network for use by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – and other government agencies and nonprofits – at no cost, to distribute timely programming and vital information to residents of Massachusetts via local community TV centers across the state.
  • To provide a single distribution site for use by Massachusetts based community TV & media centers to upload relevant programming and to download timely programs for local playback in communities across the Commonwealth.

MMX Today

We’ve come a long way since we created the standards and started this project.

MMX is the preeminent statewide government and non-profit network for distributing programming.

Agencies and officials of the State of Massachusetts, federal and regional agencies and elected officials and non-profit groups or institutions with statewide service areas provide content for MMX.

We also share programs with state or regional interest. These offerings come from Massachusetts-based community TV & media centers, affiliates, and individual producers.

Member Benefits

Join MassAccess and start benefitting from this incredible resource. As a member, you’ll always have access to MMX, free of charge.

Share programs, PSAs and videos with over 100 communities in Massachusetts. It’s easy with MMX. We hope you’ll get in on the fun.

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