Dear MassAccess Members,

                  It’s with excitement, apprehension, and a little relief that I announce today that this will be my last term as President of the MassAccess Board. After five and half years I am ready to let my community media friends and colleagues step in and make further advancements to this organization. I feel proud to lay claim to some of our accomplishments over the last few years. When I first started as a board member things were very different. I believe that I helped to grow the organization and the board in different ways. We added an additional fundraising event to our roster, we attracted hard working board members, and we have a monumental piece of legislation pending. Speaking of which, I have asked the board (and they agreed) to allow me to stay on the legislative/policy committee for the next year. I couldn’t imagine not continuing to do everything in my power to make sure that our bill is heard and moves through the proper channels. I stay committed to keeping up with national issues and helping to bring useful resources to our members.

          The decision to step down was not an easy one but ultimately the best for myself and my family. Even though I will no longer be a board member, my MassAccess friends will always be a priority in my life. In the past, when a president had stepped away, that person just named their successor. This time we decided to implement a new procedure which required our current board members to write a letter of intent if they were interested in an officer position. I’m happy to announce that current Vice President, David Gauthier has been selected as the new President and Shaun Neville will be the new Vice President. Eric Dresser will be the Clerk of the Board and Michael Lynch will stay on as Treasurer. I hope that you join me at our Annual Meeting/Creator Awards event on Jan 28 to celebrate the changing of hands and to welcome our two new board members who will be announced in a couple of weeks.

          Thank you for allowing me to lead you and I hope that I’ve been able to make changes that have helped you in some way. This experience has taught me many lessons but the one that remains consistent in everything we tried to accomplish is that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the threats that we face. But there is a way to work together towards a common goal, even if the road we all take to get there is different. Be kind to your neighbor during these trying times because everyone’s town/city is a little bit different. Being friendly and compassionate will help MA remain a powerhouse state in the community media industry. Thank you again for allowing me to serve all of these years.

All my best,
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