In the midst of a very crazy week, MassAccess would like to make an important announcement surrounding our organizational structure. Many of you likely have heard that our Treasurer, Organizer, Advocate and Friend Dana Healy resigned her position with MassAccess as she is relocating to Minnesota where she will stay in community media as the new Executive Director of CTV North Suburbs, a center which represents nine municipalities in the area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Dana was a key component in everything MassAccess did while she was part of the team. Whenever something needed to be done, Dana was not the type to wait for someone else to do it, she took the proverbial ball and ran with it. She was deeply involved in planning for the annual Spring Conference and was a driving force behind making the Mass Creator awards a reality. Those of you who know Dana know she was always fair and always listened…but she was tough when she needed to be. Her sense of humor and her tireless efforts will be missed.

Taking over for Dana as the MassAccess Treasurer will be Eric Dresser. Eric has been on the MassAccess board since 2015,  is a former representative on the ACM Northeast Board and also serves on the nominating committee for the national board of the Alliance for Community Media. Eric had recently been serving as the Clerk for MassAccess and we’re very thankful that he will be taking on the extra responsibility of Treasurer. Taking over for Eric as Clerk will be Greg Dolan. Greg is a brand new appointee to the MassAccess board and we all agree he will be a solid addition. Greg is the Executive Director of Bedford TV and has been involved in community media for over 10 years.

MassAccess is an organization that isn’t afraid to take on challenges. We’re a group of community media professionals who want to celebrate its past and secure its future. And we’re always looking for help. If you think you have what it takes to serve with us, whether on the board or just on a committee, please get in touch with any of us. I’m sure you know at least one of two of us! Give us a call.

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