The first time you’re charged with calling a state senator or state representative, you might feel intimidated. The fiftieth time you’re charged with calling the same legislators, you might feel like a real pain in the neck. Plus, when would you find the time when you’re already spread so thin?

Look, let’s not kid ourselves anymore. Every single day our entire profession – one many of us have dedicated their entire professional life to – is threatened by concepts as big as cord-cutting or cable reclassification and by factors as small as our own apathy or laziness. We have to advocate for ourselves if we hope to remain relevant in the long-term. We need to be that proverbial squeaky wheel if we want to pass legislation. This is how it is done and it takes a commitment from all of us.

Please take a few minutes to brush up on the details and call your local reps and senators. MassAccess has prepared a document that should spell out all the information you need. It’s also laden with links, in case you want to do further research. We need to make a hard push at this Joint Committee and believe me when I tell you they will listen to their colleagues and their constituents.

Download the instructions HERE. And if you have any questions whatsoever, be sure to reach out to a board member of MassAccess. If we don’t have the answer you’re looking for, we will find it. Hopefully we will all reap the benefits of a legislative victory on this and subsequent issues – but it will take a collective effort to have our voices heard.

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