As you know, the legislative team of MassAccess was on Beacon Hill on Tuesday, along with several of our members, our contracted lobbying firm and attorney Jim Horwood of the Alliance for Community Media. Testimony was given in front of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy regarding regarding An Act Supporting Community Access Television, the bill introduced in the House by Ruth B. Balser and Antonio F.D. Cabral and in the Senate by John F. Keenan. This bill, if ratified, would require cable companies in Massachusetts to carry PEG channels in High Definition and grant access to the electronic programming guides.

Our hope is that the Committee acts favorably upon the bill and moves it toward a vote later in the legislative session. Please check back to this site or contact a member of the MassAccess Board of Directors for updates. The contents of the audio file is as follows:

  1. (00:00 – 01:45) Opening Remarks from Senator Michael Barrett
  2. (01:09 – 05:30) Ruth B. Balser
  3. (05:30 – 06:53) Representative Thomas Walsh
  4. (06:53 – 09:18) Representative Michelle DuBois
  5. (09:18 – 13:00) Representative Jonathan Hecht
  6. (13:00 – 15:25) Representative Denise Provost
  7. (15:25 – 15:57) Senator Michael Brady
  8. (15:57 – 16:49) Senator Joan Lovely
  9. (16:49 – 25:00) MassAccess President Bill Nay & Vice President Melinda Garfield
  10. (25:00 – 25:50) Jeff Bailey from the office of Representative Geoff Diehl
  11. (25:50 – 1:02:18) Paul Cianelli of NECTA, Robert Scott of Davis, Wright, Tremaine, Joseph Zukowski of Verizon and Tom Steel of RCN
  12. (1:02:18 – 1:16:15) Jim Horwood of The Alliance for Community Media
  13. (1:16:37 – 1:19:55) Bob Kelly of NewTV


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