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Our 2020 Spring Conference has been cancelled.
We'll be back and better than ever in 2021!

Please see the announcement below from Conference Chair, Michael Lynch

Spring Conference Announcement

I hope that you are staying healthy and safe during this COVID-19 outbreak.

As some of you may know, our organization holds a spring conference every year; this year it is scheduled for June. Understandably, in light of recent events, our board has spent a considerable amount of time talking about the conference and concluded that a June date for an event that would gather over 200 people would not be a wise decision. The board discussed whether to switch to a virtual conference, shift to a fall date, or forgo the conference entirely. After much consideration, and with the guidance of the spring conference sub-committee, the board of directors felt that with these uncertain times ahead, it would be best to cancel our annual conference this year.

But don’t fret! We hope to see you at some point this year! The Mass Access Board is focusing their energies on some exciting new things that can provide value to our members over the next few months. Utilizing virtual meeting platforms, the board plans on hosting important webinars geared toward appealing to all levels and skills of community media professionals.

And we will shortly announce our Fall Meet and Greet series. This year we are revamping the meet and greets to include more in-depth conversations, vendor demos, and interactive workshops. The Fall Meet and Greet Committee is working to find centers that can accommodate large groups with open space to allow for safe social distancing to put attendee’s minds at ease.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any board director if you have any questions. And remember that during this crisis, we have extended our First Friday calls to EVERY Friday at 11am on uberconference. Join us to hear updates about the conference, legislation, COVID-19, and other valuable information. Thanks!

Michael Lynch
Spring Conference Chair

For Massachusetts Media Centers

Share your ideas, learn from the best in television, film, and management, and make connections with like minded people. Our annual spring conference provides members with a venue to congregate and exchange ideas. It’s a day to interact with other creative professionals and to learn from their experiences.

By joining our voices, we help to strengthen community media in Massachusetts. We hope that you’ll join us as we convene for the common good.

Check out the session video of the 2019 Conference

By Massachusetts Media Centers

Attend educational sessions that feature innovative speakers with new and interesting perspectives. Learn about new services, technology and software by visiting our vendors. Connect with familiar colleagues and make new contacts. Compare stories, share your challenges and create new partnerships with other non-profit media centers.

Community Media Centers are important institutions of learning. That’s a big responsibility. We provide an integral service to our communities and owe them our best possible effort. Stay relevant, knowledgeable and capable of providing the information that people need. Engage community members in the creation of new programming. Join us for the annual MassAccess Conference and become part of this critical effort.

Put Your Company Front and Center

What You’ll Gain

We see the annual conference as a way to thank our members. You contribute to the forward movement of community media all year. So in the spring, we acknowledge the people working hard and making a difference in our industry. Our conference is a forum for communication and resource sharing. And it’s all for you.

At the MassAccess Conference, you will gain:

  • Access to our membership – providing ease in knowledge sharing for your organization
  • Entry to our vendor area – helping your organization to move forward with the most updated and innovative technology and software
  • Education from innovative speakers – opening your mind and expanding your knowledge base in this continually shifting industry
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas with other creative idividuals

Did You Know: That as a member of MassAccess, you receive a discounted registration rate?

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It’s a Day Well Spent

We plan our conference every year with our members in mind.

First, we work hard to ensure that your money and your day away from the office will be well spent. To make sure the conference is worthy of your time, we have offerings that you can’t get elsewhere.

We provide speakers and vendors that add value for our members. We do this by vetting the people who will stand before you and share their stories. We bring high quality presenters who share interesting content from unique perspectives.

To help you move your business forward, we offer networking opportunities. Throughout the day you’ll meet and talk with new and old contacts. You’ll share challenges and offer solutions. These conversations will help to spark insights and inspirations to guide your next steps.

The MassAccess Conference draws the best in the business. It is a way to gather together for discussion and connection. We think it’s a day well spent and a good springboard as we head back to our own work, deadlines and goals for the future.

You'll want to be part of this premiere annual event!

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