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Ayer Public Access Corporation
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Job Status: Open
Date Posted: July 23, 2019
Expiry Date: August 22, 2019
Job Type: Part Time
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Ayer Public Access Corporation
Job Description: Public Access Manager
Position: The Public Access Manager will oversee training, production, and proper equipment maintenance through workshops, classes, and office hours. The Public Access Manager will also assist new independent producers in setting up their shows, as well as gathering new members and oversee production through community outreach.

  • The Public Access Manager reports directly to the Executive Director. He/She will meet with the Executive Director once a week and report on upcoming shoots, production crew assembly and new membership/producers. 
  • The Public Access Manager is responsible for helping create a minimum of 2 to 3 Independently Produced shows a month to air on the Public Channel of APAC.
  • The Public Access Manager will hold workshops, classes, and office hours to assist members of the community and independent contributors with projects, helping them to brainstorm ideas and sharpen their editing/video skills.


  • A background in video production and experience teaching.
  • Experience overseeing production crews both large and small.
  • Advance knowledge of Finalcut X and Adobe Creative Suites.
  • Knowledge of community access television and channel programming is recommended.
  • Able to lift more than 35lbs.
  • Knowledge of video equipment such as Canon cameras and TriCaster video switchers.
  • Degree in Communications is preferred but not required.

Compensation and Estimated Hours: Hourly rate ranging from $22 to $27 dollars an hour depending on experience. Estimated hours 10 - 15, with a maximum of 15 hours.
Please email all resumes to Executive Director Scott Kurland: ayerpaced@gmail.com.

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