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CTSB Community Television for the Southern Berkshires
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Job Status: Open
Date Posted: September 25, 2019
Expiry Date: October 25, 2019
Job Type: Full Time
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Operations Manager: 40 Hours Full time
Sole Responsibilities:
·         Manage overall use and operation of CTSB facilities and access channel air time;
·         Oversee operation of the public access, education and government channels, including bulletin board, program playback and live video feeds;
·         Supervise use and maintenance of field and studio equipment, troubleshooting and perform repairs as needed; conduct production training courses for local citizens and community groups with particular emphasis on studio production, field production, editing and graphics; provide production guidance and technical assistance to community producers in the studio and in the field;
·         Develop and implement preventative maintenance program for the equipment;
·         Maintain a high standard of on-air and live transmission signal quality to the extent that such quality is within CTSB control and purview; software and hardware maintenance on  computers operated at the CTSB facility; necessitating working knowledge of multi-platform environment;
·         Recommend new and replacement equipment to the Executive Director and oversee installation of new equipment;
·         Work with Executive Director to conduct programs for youth and elderly and other similar projects;
·         Work with Executive Director and staff keeping company website and social media sites fresh and up to date;

Please submit Resume/CV to Rich@CTSBtv.org

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