As you know, part of our ongoing lobbying efforts is a fairly substantial media campaign. This includes traditional and social media platforms. That being said, we’d love to hear from YOU, our members, and we have a couple of ways you can share your success and/or your feelings.


  1. Post a story to our shared doc. Don’t think it has to be Earth-shattering! Any success stories will do. Are you working with a kids’ group right now? Did you recently win a Hometown Media Award or attend the ACM National Conference? Tell us what’s happening in your community and we’ll help get it out there. Please remember to DATE the stories so that we know what’s new.


  1. EMAIL us with your answer to this question: How does MassAccess Membership Benefit You? These answers can be turned into Tweets and Facebook posts that will not only draw attention to community media, but also help encourage other Massachusetts organizations to join us.


Do it today!

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