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Date Posted: July 10, 2018
Expiry Date: October 01, 2018
Job Type: Full Time
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Director of Programming
Job Description
The Director of Programming is responsible for acquiring, scheduling, distributing, and archiving programming, both locally and externally produced. They are responsible for overseeing the archiving process of Amherst Media's extensive tape archive. They will provide production and editing assistance to staff, interns, and members. The Director of Programming works with the Director of Production and Internships with studio and field productions and oversight of interns. The Director of Programming works with the Director of Media Technologies in a variety of areas, including content on Amherst Media's Drupal-based website, social media, and the technologies involved in the duties of the Programming position.
Full time 40-hour, 52-week salaried position with health benefits. Four-month probationary period of employment, reviewed annually in accordance with personnel policy. Some evenings and occasional weekends are required.
Executive Director
Associates degree or higher in related field including video production, communications, computer technology, or broadcasting, and/or two or more years of cablecasting work experience in public access or a community media center.

  • Administrate and oversee the daily operation of the cablecasting system. This includes ingestion and scheduling of all programming for three PEG channels via the Tightrope server.
  • Utilize the Tightrope Carousel server for PEG bulletin postings and alerts
  • Acquire outside programming from sources such as PEG Media, Telvue Connect, and archive.org
  • Manage media collections, libraries, and databases
  • Ensure that new government and studio programs are online via archive.org and Amherst Media's website
  • Oversee Amherst Media's tape digitization and archive project, ensuring that digitized files are made available via archive.org.
  • Handle DVD and duplication requests
  • Contribute content for Amherst Media's website and social media
  • Work closely with the Director of Production and Internships on studio and field productions as needed. Duties may include directing, audio production, lighting design/configuration, and operating cameras.
  • Assist with editing using Final Cut Pro X
  • Team communication and project management using tools such as Slack, Trello, Google Docs


  • Strong verbal and written abilities
  • Experience in video production and editing
  • Organizational skills in design and implementation of workflow materials and protocol
  • Excellent time management skills and a strong ability to multitask
  • Knowledge of cablecasting equipment and procedures, Tightrope experience preferred
  • Strong Apple computer skills
  • High degree of competency with Final Cut Pro X
  • Knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Photoshop and Premiere
  • Online content management experience, Drupal preferred
  • Working knowledge of Tricaster video switchers
  • Working knowledge of various tape formats (3/4, Beta, VHS, Mini DV, etc.)
  • Interest in current and evolving technology trends, including video production, online media, social networks, and open-source software
  • Understanding and commitment to abide by the first amendment, copyright laws, and applicable FCC regulations

Applicants Must Submit via E-mail:

  • A detailed letter of introduction describing applicant's experience, knowledge, and skills matching the identified duties, responsibilities, minimum employment standards, and requirements of this position
  • Current resume; three professional references with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Please send PDF-formatted documents to director@amherstmedia.org
  • Please include "Director of Programming Job Application" in the subject line of your email

Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis. No phone calls, please.
Amherst Media is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. A competitive salary commensurate with experience, range $34,000- $38,000, will be offered along with an excellent benefits package.

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